Journal articles

Yamada, Akitaka (2019) A quantitative approach to addressee-honorific markers: Identification of crucial independent variables and prototypes. Mathematical Linguistics 32 (2), 117-132. [preprint]

Yamada, Akitaka (2014).  Zyookensetu No Toogobunseki: Nihongo No Zirei Ni Motoduku Keturakusetu To Idoosetu No Hikaku [Syntactic Analysis on Conditional Clauses: Comparison between Truncation Approach and Movement Approach on the basis of Japanese Conditionals], Language and Information Sciences [Gengozyoohookagaku], Vol. 12, 37-53. (条件節の統語論:日本語の事例に基づく欠落説と移動説の比較) [pdf]


Conference presentations (Peer-reviewed)



-------------------------------------------------------------- 2020 ----------------------------------------------------------------

Hitomi Yanaka, Koji Mineshima, Akitaka Yamada, Yu Yamaguchi, Daisuke Bekki, Yusuke Kubota, Lasha Abzianidze, Johan Bos (to appear). Tagengo toogo, imi joohoo koopasu Parallel Meaning Bank Nihongoban no koochiku [Building a Japanese version of Parallel Meaning Bank]. The 26th annual meeting of the Association for Natural Language Processing. March 16-19. Mito, Ibaraki.

-------------------------------------------------------------- 2019 ----------------------------------------------------------------

Yamada, Akitaka and Yusuke Kubota (2019). Toward an analysis of "fuzzy" latent semantic concepts: A statistical approach to the variation between no and koto.  (『曖昧』な潜在意味概念の分析にむけて: ノ・コトの間のバリエーションについての統計的アプローチ). In Nihon Gengogakkai Dai-159-kai Taikai Yokô-shû (Proceedings of the 159th Meeting of the Linguistic Society of Japan). Linguistic Society of Japan, Nagoya Gakuin University. [preprint] [pdf]

Yamada, Akitaka (2019). An OT-driven dynamic pragmatics: high-applicatives, subject-honorific markers and imperatives in Japanese. Oral presentation at Logic and Engineering of Natural Language Semantics 16 (LENLS16). Tokyo, Keio University. [preprint]

Yamada, Akitaka (2019). Competing subject-honorific constructions with predicates of Yamato origin [Wago kigen no doosi to kyoogoosuru sonkeigo koobun]. Oral Presentation at the 168th Meeting of the Mathematical Linguistic Society of Japan. Sep 21, Tokyo, National Institute for Japanese language and linguistics. [preprint]

Yamada, Akitaka (2019). Syntax and semantics of aspectual constructions in Japanese: Defective T and habituality. Poster Presentation at GLOW-in-Asia XII & SICOGG 21. August 6-9, Seoul, Dongguk University.

--- (2019). In Proceedings of the 12th Generative Linguistics in the Old World and the 21st Seoul International Conference on Generative Grammar 2019. 565-574. [preprint]

Yamada, Akitaka (2019).  Embedded moods in Japanese. Proceedings of the 158th Meeting of the Linguistic Society of Japan, 267-273. June 22-23, Tokyo, Hitotsubashi University. [pdf]

Yamada, Akitaka (2019). Do-support and be-support as defective movements. Oral Presentation at the 55th annual meeting of the Chicago Linguistics Society. May 16-18, Chicago, the University of Chicago.

--- (to appear). [preprint]

Yamada, Akitaka (2019). Comparisons and speech acts in Japanese exclamatives. Oral Presentation at the English Linguistic Society of Japan (ELSJ) 12the International Spring Forum 2019. May 11-12, Tokyo, University of the Sacred Heart. [BEST CONFERENCE AWARD]

Kaur, Gurmeet and Akitaka Yamada (2019). Embedded allocutivity and its reference. Presented at Person and Perspective: a workshop honoring the work of María Luisa Zubizarreta. May 3-4, Los Angeles, University of Southern California. 3-4 May 2019. [pdf]

-------------------------------------------------------------- 2018 ----------------------------------------------------------------

Yamada, Akitaka and Kubota, Yusuke (2018). Revisiting the no/koto distinction: Toward a new semantic classification of the embedding verbs  (ノとコト再考: 主文述語の新たな意味分類に向けて). In Nihon Gengogakkai Dai-157-kai Taikai Yokô-shû (Proceedings of the 157th Meeting of the Linguistic Society of Japan). Linguistic Society of Japan, Kyoto University 2018, 276-281. [pdf]

Yamada, Akitaka (2018). Phase-based prosody: evidence from pitch-accent distribution in the Japanese verbal domain. Oral Presentation at North East Linguistics Society 49, Cornell University 2018. [pdf]  (forthcoming [preprint])

Yamada, Akitaka (2018). Contiguity Theory and Crystallization: wh-phrases and concord adverbs in Japanese. Oral Presentation at the 7th workshop of Phonological Externalization of Morphosyntactic Structure, Hokkaido University 2018. [abstract] 

---- (2019) In Phonological Externalization vol 4. (ed.), Tokizaki, H. Sapporo: Sapporo University, pp. 1-22. [pdf]. [link]

Yamada, Akitaka (2018). Historical developments/variations of Japanese addressee-honorific markers and economy principles. Oral presentation at the workshop of Cross-linguistic variation in the left periphery at the Syntax-Discourse Interface. 2018 SNU International Conference on Linguistics, Seoul National University 2018. [abstract] [pdf]

Yamada, Akitaka (2018). Expressiveness from a Bayesian Perspective. Oral Presentation at the English Linguistic Society of Japan (ELSJ) 11the International Spring Forum 2018. Hokkaido University. 

---- (2019). JELS 36, 308-314. [pdf] 

Yamada, Akitaka (2018). A Modal Approach to no-clauses in Japanese. In Nihon Gengogakkai Dai-156-kai Taikai Yokô-shû (Proceedings of the 156th Meeting of the Linguistic Society of Japan). Linguistic Society of Japan, the University of Tokyo 2018,145-150. [pdf] [pptx]


Yamada, Akitaka (2018)Bayesian update: from semantics/pragmatics to variation theory. Poster presentation at GURT, Washington 2018. [abstract]

-------------------------------------------------------------- 2017 ----------------------------------------------------------------

Yamada, Akitaka (2017). A Reflection on the Clustering in Corpus Linguistics. In Nihon Gengogakkai Dai-154-kai Taikai Yokô-shû (Proceedings of the 154th Meeting of the Linguistic Society of Japan). Linguistic Society of Japan, Tokyo Metropolitan University 2017, 58-63. [pdf] [pptx]

Yamada, Akitaka (2017)An Account from the Formal Semantics on the Change from the Polar-interrogative to the Wh-interrogative. Oral Presentation at GURT, Washington 2017. [abstract] [pptx]

-------------------------------------------------------------- 2014 ----------------------------------------------------------------

Yamada, Akitaka (2014). "Yokereba" to "yokattara" no koobun kootai --- hutatu no zigen no sanyosya kan'kei to soogokooi [Constructional alternation between "yokereba" and "yokattara" --- Participant relations in two dimensions and their interaction] In Syakai Gengo Gakkai Dai-34-kai Taikai Happyô Ronbunsyû (Proceedings of the 34th Meeting of Japanese Association of Sociolinguistic Sciences), 207-208. (よければ」と「よかったら」の構文交替 --- 二つの次元の参与者関係と相互行為)[pdf]

Yamada, Akitaka (2014).  Comparison between English and Japanese Conditionals. Poster Presentation at the English Linguistic Society of Japan (ELSJ) 7th International Spring Forum 2014, Doshisha University.

-------------------------------------------------------------- 2013 ----------------------------------------------------------------

Yamada, Akitaka (2013). Kansyukansei saikoo: nihongo no “sooieba” o keesu sutad’ii ni [Reconsidering intersubjectivity: in the case of “sooieba”] Oral presentation at the 14th meeting of Japanese Cognitive Linguistics Association. At Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, 2013. [abstract]

Workshops and others


Yamada, Akitaka (2018). A phase-oriented pitch contour assignment. Poster presentation at Georgetown University Morphosyntax Workshop (GMOW), Georgetown University 2018.

Yamada, Akitaka (2017). The syntax-semantics interface of the addressee-honorific construction: the multidimensional in-situ analysis vs the copy analysis. Oral Presentation at Mid-Atlantic Colloquium of Studies in Meaning (MACSIM), Georgetown University 2017. [abstract] [pptx]

Yamada, Akitaka (2016). A Generalized Quantifier Approach to Embedded Interrogative Clauses. Oral Presentation at the 6th Mid-Atlantic Colloquium of Studies in Meaning (MACSIM), The City University of New York 2016. [abstract]


Yamada, Akitaka (2015). Preference and Reluctance for the Present Perfect. Oral Presentation at the 5th Mid-Atlantic Colloquium of Studies in Meaning (MACSIM), the University of Delaware 2015. [abstract]


Yamada, Akitaka (2013) Syntax of Japanese Conditional: In the case of the -ba clause, In Satellite workshop of Japanische Gesellschaft für Germanistik International Workshop at Hokkaido University 2013. [handout]


Yamada, Akitaka (2019) The syntax, semantics and pragmatics of Japanese addressee-honorific markers. Doctoral Thesis. Georgetown University. [link]

Yamada, Akitaka (2013) Subjective Expressions in Discourse. Master’s Thesis. The University of Tokyo.


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